Keep in mind: these foods alone cannot get rid of unwanted fat, they are only add-on's to be combined with other healthy strategies, everything will add up to help you reach your final fat reduction goal.

When combined with healthy eating and exercise, cavi-lipo is the final piece of the puzzle that will help you achieve the body you've always dreamed of, free of cellulite and unwanted fat.

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*Possibility: focus on coffee for 2 weeks, then green tea for 2 weeks, then peppers for 2 weeks

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11 Foods To help You Burn Stubborn Fat


Even if you live a healthy lifestyle full of exercise and a balanced diet, some areas of the body just don't seem to want to shed any fat. Sometimes a healthy lifestyle just isn't enough for stubborn problem areas. Cavi-lipo (also known as ultrasonic cavitation) is a great solution to this problem, it can help you lose inches in specific areas and also reduce cellulite. Cavi-lipo combined with exercise and a balanced diet will help you achieve your fat loss goals, and it's 

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even non invasive! There's no downtime after a cavi-lipo treatment so you can immediately return to your normal routine and show off your new body!

Eating the fat burning foods on the chart below will speed up the process and detoxify the body, giving you the best results possible.

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