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​​Cellulite is the bane of every woman’s existence. Regardless of body size, diet choices and activity level, there is always the risk that cellulite will crop up, as genetics plays a role in whether or not someone develops this. Most believe that liposuction is the only way to rid them of the cottage cheese look, but there is another way that is non-invasive, safe and far less expensive: Cavi-Lipo

What is Cavi-Lipo?

The Cavi-Lipo system is a new technique that uses ultrasound cavitation to completely breakdown and destroy fat cells. Unlike Liposuction, Cavi-Lipo is non-surgical. The process delivers pulsating ultrasonic sound waves via a hand-held device across the skin surface to targeted, unwanted fat tissue. Ultrasonic sound waves focus their energy in the subcutaneous fat, hitting the fat cells under the skin causing the cell membrane to vibrate and break down. Once the fat cells are broken down, they are transported out of the body through the lymphatic system. The destroyed fat cells will be released from the body naturally.


Cavi-Lipo is currently the safest and the most effective system for the treatment of adipose areas and cellulite. It is a non-surgical procedure which utilizes ultrasound to dissolve cellulite and reduce localized fat on the stomach, hips, arms, legs and buttocks. It also disassembles fat and helps waste discharge out of the body. Compared to getting liposuction done surgically in a hospital, Cavi-Lipo is affordable, painless, and just as effective.

​Cavi-Lipo is not a weight loss program but rather a way of ‘losing inches’ in the desired area and getting rid of cellulite.

The treatment can be followed by a Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification Massage which is very effective at eliminating liquids and the release of fat, then metabolizes through the liver and natural means through your lymphatic system. 


Do you want to reach the goal of weight loss?  We believe in the solution: 1/3 Cavi-Lipo, 1/3 food and 1/3 massage / exercise / training.

Cellulite is deposits of fat right under the skin. It makes the skin look dimply and almost like cottage cheese or an orange peel. It is believed that toxin accumulation can also play a role in developing cellulite. 


What is Cellulite?

​​The treatment using Cavi-Lipo does not require anaesthesia and is non-invasive. There is no discomfort after the treatment. Once the session is over, you can immediately resume your daily routine. There is no recuperation period required. Some redness may be noticed on the treated area for a very short time immediately after treatment but this will disappear within an hour or so.

8 out of 10 women have Cellulite

as well as many men


To explain cavitation, one needs to understand the fat cell.  Put simply, every cell has a shell called the diaphragm.  The fat cell is filled with liquid which is mainly composed of fatty acids and glucose. It takes Cavi-Lipo about 100 seconds to get the vacuum bubble to become so hot that it blows fat cell's outer covering, or in other words destroy the fat cell completely.  

​The ultrasonic waves are effective down to 15 mm below the skin, where they can dissolve the fat cells, while other types of cells - for example, skin and blood vessels – are only affected by increasing circulation. 

Treatment may occur at any point where there is fat and cellulite. On average, treatments last about 30 minutes.  All fat types can be treated apart from the inner fettlagerna, which is inside the thick muscle layer. These are not affected by treatment and can only be reduced through proper diet and exercise.

The treated area becomes warmer as a result of the increased blood circulation and is a proof that the treatment is working.  The ultrasound causes the fat cells to vibrate. The vibrations propagate through the fluid in the body creating a buzzing sound in the ear called an undertone which stops as soon as the probe loses contact with the fat. 

For best results, you should drink plenty of water along with proper exercise and diet.​​


Cellulite Reduction for Men & Women