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Got an hour? Book a massage and experience the therapeutic benefits it has to offer. At SARAH, we have just the massage to help ease what pains you, whether it be muscle tension, injury, stress, or just the need to let go and relax. We offer quality treatments delivered by Licensed Massage Therapists at affordable prices.


Drink plenty of water and avoid smoking or heavy meals for an hour prior to your massage.

Your Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) will take you into one of our treatment rooms and discuss your health history form and massage preferences. You’ll also discuss your assessment and treatment plan from your LMT at this point.

Your LMT will then leave the room to allow you to disrobe. You can receive an effective, therapeutic massage regardless of what clothing (if any) you choose to remove. Your comfort and ability to relax is a top priority for our LMTs. Some people like to take off all their clothing, while others leave on their undergarments or other articles of clothing. It’s really up to you. If you choose to be fully clothed, please wear loose fitting clothing (like sweatpants and a t-shirt) so that your body will not be restricted during your treatment. Cover yourself with the linens provided and wait for your therapist to knock on the door.

If you’re new to massage, you’ll want to know exactly what to expect on your first visit to our clinic. We’ve broken it down for you, just so there are no surprises.

It’s a good idea to come 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to carefully fill out your health history form.

2 - Get prepped.

Skip the scents. Avoid perfume, cologne or other scents on the day of your massage.

YOUR FIRST VISIT, Great expectations

3 - Let the treatment begin.

Revive, Restore, & Rejuvenate
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Get the massage you need.

You’ll stay under the fresh linens on the heated, padded massage table throughout the treatment. LMTs are trained to ensure the sheet on the massage table always drapes you and protects your privacy. Only the body part being worked on will be uncovered.

Your LMT will ask you periodically whether the pressure is okay. You should also feel free to communicate with your therapist about pressure at any time, as well as about draping or any pain you might be feeling throughout the massage. You can expect complete quiet from your therapist or relaxing conversation if you prefer. There will be calming music played, unless you don’t want it.

Your LMT will let you know when the massage is complete and will leave the room while you get dressed. When you’re ready, open the door to signal to your LMT to come back. They’ll then provide you water, self-care advice/follow up and your recommended treatment plan. Feel free to ask your therapist any questions you may have at this point. They’ll then escort you to reception to book your next visit.

​​1 - You’ve arrived. 

Got an hour?

Get comfortable.
Get a massage.


Make sure you drink plenty of water after your massage to rehydrate.