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EpiCare-Duo Laser System! 

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At Sarah Laser Center and Medspa, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service possible. It's our pleasure to offer you the EpiCare-Duo Laser system for all of your hair removal treatments.

Our specialization in laser hair removal enables us to offer the most advanced lasers, a highly specialized team of aesthetic professionals, and the ability to offer the amazing benefits of lasting smooth skin at an unbeatable price.

In addition, we stand behind our promise with the best guarantee in the industry here at Sarah Laser Center.

The EpiCare-Duo Laser is the world’s safest, most effective, and fastest hair removal device available for all skin types. It produces excellent results in the fewest treatments of any laser. It is the world’s best dual wave-length, variable pulse laser system, providing both 755nm and 1064nm laser output in a single intuitive platform. 

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At Sarah Laser Center, we specialize in laser hair removal.  ​If you compare laser hair removal clinics, you’ll find that every provider claims to have the best technology.  What the vast majority of clinics don’t do, however, is tell you why.​

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