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Simply stated, for most skin types, Alexandrite lasers provide the very best in permanent hair removal. For individuals with darker skin and black hair, high powered Nd: YAG lasers work the very best. Alexandrite lasers are more effective than IPL and Diode lasers because they can more effectively target the melanin within each hair follicle while safely avoiding injury to the surrounding skin. It’s a process called Selective Photothermolysis. 

If you compare laser hair removal clinics, you’ll find that every provider claims to have the best technology. What the vast majority of clinics don’t do, however, is tell you why.

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Moreover, our system is equipped with the largest spot size in the industry, 18mm (about the diameter of a quarter), and it has the highest available speed and power in the industry. As a result, treatments are quick and effective. If another provider isn’t using the EpiCare system, they cannot claim to have a more powerful platform than we do. 

To ensure the highest level of comfort, we couple our EpiCare systems with the most effective cooling devices on the market – The Artek system by Thermotek as well as the Cryo 6 by Zimmer. They are rated as the safest stand alone epidermal cooling devices by many doctors – and we agree.

Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray (oftentimes advertised as a DCD), or ice packs, the cold air cools the skin before, during, and after treatment.

With the cold air cooling systems, safety is further increased by minimizing thermal warming within the epidermis and greatly reduces the typical redness or swelling sometimes associated with laser hair removal. 

Our solution is the EpiCare System by Light Age. The EpiCare system is the most sophisticated and technologically-advanced FDA approved Alexandrite laser on the market today – ensuring the highest levels of efficacy. As an Alexandrite Laser, it produces a 755 nm wavelength laser beam that most strongly targets melanin in the hair shaft while safely avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. Our EpiCare Duo system provides a high powered Nd: YAG Laser that produces a slightly longer wavelength at 1064 nm. With it, we can safely and effectively treat individuals with very dark or tanned skin. The EpiCare system incorporates many industry firsts, permitting targeting of both coarse and fine hair while maximizing safety margins. We enjoy its consistent beam profile, while also taking advantage of unmatched power and speed capabilities. 

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The EpiCare’s unique SmartScreenTM Practice Management System assists us in record keeping, protocols, and helps insure smooth operation. It’s a revolutionary interface which allows us to customize all treatment parameters while providing the necessary safeguards in setting energy levels. Treatment history is documented, and the system monitors its calibration, ensuring the most consistent and safest level of treatment with every use of the laser.

It’s no wonder that the EpiCare System has an unsurpassed safety record, with no claims made against the manufacturer for faulty equipment. It’s a statement that very few laser manufacturers can make. 

As we specialize in laser hair removal, we have identified the most advanced Alexandrite and YAG platforms so that we can deliver the very best in permanent hair reduction.   


At Sarah Laser Center and Medspa, we specialize in laser hair removal.  ​If you compare laser hair removal clinics, you’ll find that every provider claims to have the best technology.  What the vast majority of clinics don’t do, however, is tell you why.​

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SIMPLY STATED, through its use of the EpiCare and cold air cooling platforms, we provide the most effective and safest laser hair removal treatments possible. 


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We specialize in laser hair removal