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Package Deal Special

Package of 6, 9, 12 Treatments 


Pigment Lesion

3 sessions $600

6 sessions $1080

Limited Time Offer


With Facial Treatments

3 sessions $600

6 sessions $1080

Limited Time Offer

​​​​Lip and Chin

3 sessions $349

6 sessions $620

Lower Face

​3 sessions $489
6 sessions $869


3 sessions $349

6 sessions $620

Be the most beautiful you at an affordable price!



Anti-Age Treatments

3 sessions $975

6 sessions $1800

Limited Time Offer

Our specialization in laser hair removal enables us to offer the most advanced lasers, a highly specialized team of aesthetic professionals, and the ability to offer the amazing benefits of lasting smooth skin at an unbeatable price. Click here to read more about our laser technology. 


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Collagen Induction 

3 sessions $1050

5 sessions $1625

Limited Time Offer


Non-surgical, non-invasive form of liposuction  that uses sound waves to break down fat. 

Face, neck, arms, abdomen, waistline, back, hips, thighs

All treatment may or may not include Whole Body Vibration sessions

to promote lymphatic drainage, metabolism, and weight loss

6-10 sessions are recommended for most optimal results

ESTHETIC SERVICES - No Surgery | No Needles | No Downtime


With Facial Treatments

3 sessions $405

6 sessions $720

Limited Time Offer

​​Center Brow

3 sessions $135

6 sessions $240


​3 sessions $338
6 sessions $600


3 sessions $805

6 sessions $1431

Limited time only. Cannot be combined with other offers. 
All rates are subject to change without notice​

LAser carbon peel

"Hollywood Laser Peel"

3 sessions $480

6 sessions $840

Limited Time Offer

Laser Hair Removal
Special Sale - Pakage of 6
All Body needs six sessions to start

Full Chest​​

3 sessions $700

6 sessions $1244


​3 sessions $665
6 sessions $1181

Full Back

3 sessions $1318

6 sessions $2343

Anyone who is looking into laser hair removal will come across this difficult question. The reason for its difficulty is because it is different for everyone. There are several factors that affect its cost. The main factor is the size of the treatment area. Generally, the larger the area, the higher the price. We want to give you a good general idea about the most commonly treated areas with the price list on this page. Don't forget, we also offer discounted package prices. Please contact us for package pricing. Even better, get a free consultation from one of our laser experts to answer all your laser hair removal questions by filling out this online form or Live Chat us!

​​Bikini Basic

3 sessions $419

6 sessions $744

Bikini Extended

​3 sessions $616
6 sessions $1095

Lower Legs

3 sessions $770

6 sessions $1368

We recommend a low calorie diet and to drink at least 1.0-1.5 liters of water before and after the session.


Lift & Firm

3 sessions $480

6 sessions $840

Limited Time Offer

For him

Chemical peel

Level 1, 2, and 3

L1 - 3x  $300

L2 - 3x  $350

L3 - 3x  $475

*not for darker skin tones

*must have completed L2 peel prior

Limited Time Offer

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